100 Kata Kata Bijak Bahasa Inggris

100 Kata Kata Bijak Bahasa Inggris Pilihan

“You do not live at once. You only die once and live every day.”
“We will never know the real answer, before you try.”
“Tranquility can be found when we are with God.”
“If you want the respect of others, you must respect yourself first.”
“Nothing is impossible. Anything can happen as long as we believe.”
“The more we are grateful, the more happiness we get.”
“Your biggest mistake is dying including your poverty.”
“Be a strong wall in the hard times and be a smiling sun in the good times.”
“Honesty is the currency of wherever you are.”
“Do not blame your past, because the past will never change.”
“Be the good, because God loves the goodness.”
“Every successful person must have a failure. Do not be afraid to fail because failure is a part of success.”
“When someone left you, do not cry because that is the message that you’re going to get a better one.”
“Trouble is your best friend. It makes you stronger and more understanding about life.”
“Never give up, fix mistakes, and keep stepping.”
“The happiness will come when you are able to make other people happy.”
“Our life is very difficult, but there are millions of people with a more difficult life out there.”
“Use your time wisely and do not waste even for a minute.”

 100 Kata Kata Bijak Bahasa Inggris

“Be yourself because pretending is so painful.”
“Complaining will never solve the problem. Stop complaining and take action!”
“A fear will only make you weak and lose confidence. Ignore the fear and proceed your step!”
“There is a moment to talk and there is a moment to be silent.”
“If you do not know a fact, silence will be the best way.”
“God’s plan is always more beautiful than our desire.”
“Do not put off what you should do today. Delaying only makes your behind.”
“If you want to get something that you never own, you must do something that you never done before.”
“The most difficult thing in life is a self-defeating.”
“No one can change the past, but everyone has a power to change the future.”
“Cowards always avoid the difficulty while brave are always looking for an opportunity in a difficult situation.”
“Dreaming is the first step that you have to make. While, the act is the next step that you have to do.”
“You will get a true friend when you are at the very bottom of wheel.”
“Wipe your tears and tell yourself that life must go on.”
“There is no success without a sacrifice and there is no success without hardness.”
“Keep smiling when getting into trouble is a sign that we are strong.”
“Smile is a simple way of enjoying life.”
“Reality is not always in line with expectations. So, prepare yourself to face the poor reality.”
“If you love someone, do not make her cry even though only a few minutes.”
“Your eyes can see the things clearly. But with your heart, you can see the truth even without eyes.”
“The determiner of the future is only you and not your parents or siblings.”
“The real friends are those who continue to accompany you even when you do not have anything.”
“Success is an achievement. While, struggling is a must.”
“Do not focus about other people’s opinions, but only focus of our revenue.”
“God will never give you a problem which bigger than your ability.”
“Competition is so tiring, but we will be left behind if does not participate in the competition.”
“Do a kindness right now.”
“Stop looking for reasons why you are poor. Instead, try to find on how to be rich.”
“Use your youth as good as possible.”
“The higher your position, the more responsibility you have.”
“Life is like a piano, white and black. If God play it, all will be a beautiful melody.”
“The big happiness is a collection of the long time struggle.”
“Speak politely, then people will respect you.”
“Anger, resentment, and hatred are the destroyer of your fortune today.”
“Jealousy is a sign that love should hane each other.”
“Forget the failures, but always remember a lesson from every failure you got.”
“You cannot live without love.”
“Receiving your beloved without complaining is a sign that you are grateful to God.”
“If you lose be patient. If you win, stay humble.”
“Sincere is an invaluable wealth.”
“Be a young who love parents and fears God.”
“Feeling unferior is a sign that you do not deserve to your current condition.”
“A young person who will be successful is never give up before get the success on his hand.”
“When you have a lot of desires, you must involve a lot of action.”
“The past is not always as the way you want, but the future can be designed as you like.”
“A beautiful woman is not always having an appeal.”
“Poverty is not a shameful thing, but laziness and pessimism are exactly embarrassing.”
“People who are not useful will have a lot of useless talk.”
“Patience is needed when you want to achieve a success.”
“Choose a woman who is able to work hard and do not choose a woman who just can sue your life.”
“Industrious people certainly beat those smart even though in a long time.”

100 Kata Kata Bijak Bahasa Inggris

“Practice makes right, repetitions make perfect.”
“Your future is determined by what you start today.”
“Getting up in the morning is a sign that you can achieve the goal’s life better than yesterday.”
“Sadness in your heart is an inhibitor of success. Avoid the prolonged grief, take heart, and take your chance as soon as possible.”
“The only way to have the greatest work in your life is love what you do first.”
“The key for a happiness is when you thankful for the grace that God has given.”
“Never lose hope, because it is the key to achieve all your dreams.”
“Stop dreaming and start doing.”
“Struggle that you do today is the single way to build a better future.”
“You do not need to be great to start something. Do it now and do not ever put off because the chance may not come twice.”
“Do your best at every opportunity that you have.”
“Work hard when you do not have what you want.”
“Too many think just make you afraid to pass your life.”
“You are the creator for your own future.”
“Your greatest strength is the courage to try and also the courage to fail.”
“Ongoing complaints are the signs that you are the smaller person than the problem you have. Stop complaining and start doing!”
“If opportunity does not come to you, then create it.”
“Success is an achievement that comes after the failures.”
“Positive thinking and the courage to try will make you able to achieve the goals faster than others.”
“Your biggest weakness is when you give up and your greatest power is when you try one more time.”
“You do not need to give up this time, because you may just need to try one more time to be successfull.”
“Failures are your teacher. Learn from them.”
“Not all the things that you worry could happen in your life. Stop worrying about something, because worries make you more afraid to do everything.”
“A strong hope can make your dreams come true.”
“If you want a light in this life, you must remain to stand, because the light will be hard to find people who are always hiding among the bushes.”
“Stop crying because of your past failures. The continuous sadness of the failures in the past will only make you miserable.”
“Before you can buy the best weapon, maximize your sharp knife first.”
“If you are born in a poverty, it’s not your fault. But if you die in a poverty, it’s being an absolute mistake you have made.”
“There is no elevator that helps you to be successful. You have to start from the stairs.”
“You have to fight until you get success.”
“When you want to give up, look at back and then see how far you have climbed to reach your goals.”
“You must pass the bad days first to get the best day in the future.”
“At the end of your life’s drama, you may be regretting some opportunities that you do not take.”
“If you do not build your own dreams, then people will hire you to build their own dreams.”
“Get up in the morning with enthusiasm and sleep with satisfaction.”
“Do not dream too often, however, take action as often as possible.”
“Failure is a part of every success.”
“The champions are those who still believe in the dream even if others do not believe it.”
“Positive thinking is the key to get a peace even when you are facing the most difficult problem.”
“Happiness is not how much money we have, but how much time we can be thankful.”
“A goal without action is just like a dead head.”
“Do it now or you will be regretful because of missing a valuable chance.”
“Your are the person who chosen to live this life by God. Why God choose you? Because you have the strength to cope with any difficulties that given.”
“Every expert started from a beginner.”
“If you have dreams but they do not worry you; it means they are not big enough for you.”
“Life would not be better because a chance, life will always be better because of the courage to take action at every chance.”
“The future is that you achieve attainment of the actions that you do every day .”
“The problem is something that always accompanies a life. If you don’t want to have a problem in your life, it means you just want the impossible thing.”
“Science is the most useful legacy in a life. Science is more useful than treasure. No one got lost because science, while many people lost because of treasure.”
“Never stop believing in yourself, because the most powerful force in your heart is the belief in yourself.”
“Work with people who believe in your dreams. They will be encouraging you when fail.”
“Success does not suddenly come to you. You have to go out and work hard to get it.”
“You can be whatever you want when you believe in your own dream.”
“Do not worry about failure, but worry about the chance that you miss.”
“Learn from the past, live ardently for today, and keep having work for future.”
“You will never find a change in the future if you do not change your habits. The future is the result that you get from a habit in your daily life.”
“Pray as if you will die tomorrow and learn as if you will live forever.”
“The best revenge for the people who have insulted you is the success that you can show them later.”
“You can when you believe.”
“When we are afraid to try a good thing, then a good luck will also be afraid to come for us.”
“Delay does not make us deserve to be success.”
“You will never be ready to do anything. Unleash the doubt and take action!”
“The true happiness comes when we are able to make others happy.”
“Wake up in the morning is a simple activity, but it is a sign that you are ready to accept all the sustenance today.”
“Do not avoid the communication to others, because mate and fortune comes from communication.”
“Be a self-sufficient young man. Continuing to rely on the parents make yourself get into trouble in the future.”
“If you want to start a new beginning, make a peace with your past.”

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