5 Best Brooks Running Shoes Reviewed in 2020

Brooks, a corporation which was established about 100 years ago, has been major in making trainers since 1977. As a matter of fact, Brooks is within the minority of only shoe-producing companies. this suggests that it’s much potential to compete with other brands.

Models being launched by Brooks express consistently their intentions. Nowadays, customers would really like to possess something that works effectively at what it’s aimed for instead of something impressive further yet redundant add-ons.

Besides, Brooks releases models for runners demanding foot-cradling support, super-cushioned options, and trail trainers . Following, there are 10 best Brooks trainers ever:

1. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18 – best athletic shoes

Being on the highest through running stores and one among the best-selling athletic shoes on the market, the GTS, full name is attend Shoe is fashionable most customers. The GTS offers not only an excellent deal of protection but also an excellent fit. Back in 1994 when this model was first launched on the scene, people didn’t consider it essentially revolutionary. However, the healthier the shoe is, the more it’s secret weapon is proved. What’s more, it’s particularly designed with a touch wider forefoot and a more curve of the only , which ends up during a loyalty and massiveness over the years.

Generally, due to its features for well-working function, runners approved this version and concede to be a motion-control selection.


  • Capability of providing comfortable run and lightweight in weight
  • Truly size
  • Offering sort of available color options
  • Supporting well on long recovery run
  • Adequate feeling right out of the box


  • Customers may misunderstand upper mesh to be an inexpensive substantial.
  • Less padding and brace as compared to the prior models

2. Brooks Levitate – Amazing bouncing shoes

Amazing bouncing is certainly an impressive feature of Levitate. This version has been ranked among the highest 20 of bounciest footwear by thousands of individuals we’ve tested during the years. the rationale for that rank is that Levitate’s sole is produced with a high-tech mixture of new-school rubber and old-school foam. Nonetheless, this version is an oz heavier than majority, size 9 for men is 11.4 ounces and size 7 for ladies is 9.2 ounces.

Despite that, the texture and fit outweigh disadvantages. the extra heft doesn’t bother our testers considerably.


  • A fluid gait is exceedingly maintained by the underfoot flexibility.
  • a soothing stride and a resilient form are supported with sufficient cushioning
  • The upper has excellent effects on offering a secure slot in spite of a soft fabric substantial


  • Challenging for patrons due to its heaviness.
  • Causing uncomfortable feeling for runners with the tighten toe box

3. Brooks Cascadia 12- best shoes for tough terrain

In the trail shoe manufacturing, the Cascadia is taken into account to be a benchmark, which has changed insufficiently since it had been launched in 2005. It offers a heavy-duty rock plate, great cushioning, and minor flexibility in purpose of undertaking tough terrain in long miles.


  • Feet spread naturally along the ride due to the roomy toe box.
  • Balance is sustained by Pivot Point System.
  • The width creates comfort for patrons .
  • Its design, its trail-specific characteristics, and its cushioning system provide users with amazing comfort


  • Reasonably shallow heel cup.
  • The 12th Cascadia iteration is a smaller amount flexible than other shoes

4. Brooks Ghost 10 – neutral cushioned trainers

wearing Brooks Ghost 10- an everyday-neutral trainer, you’re offered complete comfort without the likelihood of injury and hurt. Besides, its affordable price and neutral-runner design make it a “go-to” shoe.

Compared to previous versions, the standard of the updated Brooks Ghost 10 is that the same. you’ll see that there’s a difference within the upper looks’ design, yet the core technology still remains from the Ghost 9. The cushion you need for log long distance are delivered greatly, additionally, so responsive and lightweight is that the model that it can follow your pace.


  • regardless of how long your run is, who wears the shoe, cushion is greatly suitable
  • Exceptional grip compared to other road shoes
  • Receptive to higher speed
  • Comfortable feeling on feet


  • Considerably permeable throughout rain running

5. Glycerin 15 – best high mileage daily running.

Since it’s lighter in weight than other versions, the Brooks Glycerin 15 has been awaited most compared to other updated versions of the Glycerin 14. just in case the Glycerin doesn’t sound familiar to you, it’s best described because the most cushioned shoe of Brooks. Moreover, the manufacturer’s purpose is to make a model that’s possible to endure long distance and deliver smooth and cozy ride at an equivalent time. you’ll find it a dependable item for your light workouts and short runs.

What is new for the Glycerin 15 may be a plush transition area to make such a smooth transition from heel to toe.


  • The shoe and its characteristics offers excellently money-worthy
  • Ability to scale back leg pain
  • Lightweight


  • Not suitable for patrons with high arches.
  • Some rubbing occurs due to the inconvenient collar.


It’s necessary to take a position during a proper pair of trainers since not only do those shoes assist you to market your performance but also alleviate strains and stress on your feet and stop the injuries also .

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