5 Best New Balance Running shoes Reviewed in 2020

Of all the brands, which sell the trainers , New Balance owns the most important collection of retro and lifestyle running silhouettes. This brand doesn’t have any problems with lifestyle and performance shoes mixing together. However, it’s a drag – the differentiation with New Balance’s performance running catalog. There’re tons of models of this brands that have an equivalent ride characteristic, thanks to the absence of a special tier strategy.

Therefore, if someone is seeking a quick shoe for race day or for long training sessions, a versatile pair of shoes for all types of workouts or even a pair, which you’ll easily take from a gym to a pub or bar, there’s always something there for you to settle on . during this post, we’ve listed the simplest New Balance trainers , which you ought to title now.

1. Cushioned Neutral: New Balance Fresh Foam Boracay V3

This model was first called because the Fresh Foam 980 – also referred to as the primary model of latest Balance to incorporate Fresh Foam midsole. then , the brand dropped 980 label and renamed this model after a Philippines’ beach.

New Balance Fresh Foam Boracay V3 is such an ideal cushioned trainer, which is specially made for you. it’s one among the simplest Fresh Foam soles of latest Balance and provides a highly cushioned feeling to such a typical lightweight trainer.

  • Well-fitting upper
  • Lightweight
  • Quick turnover


  • Suspect that whether its cushioning is acceptable for full marathon
  • Something found in its toe box cause a toe pain whenever over double digits.
  • The rocker on its toe takes time to urge wont to

2. Trail runner: New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro v3

This model is one among the simplest various trail offerings of latest Balance. because of the best amount of cushion that it features, New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro v3 is specially designed to offer runners a cushty feeling on any trails. even as most of the trail shoes, a layer of protection is added to the shoe’s toe – so, during this case, New Balance has added a skinny layer made from rubber across the toe to affect sticks, rocks, and tree roots. because of this, it helps with the shoe’s durability also .

To conclude, the ride is soft but responsive. It’s stable, because of its wide platform, but not wide enough to form it become boxy on your feet. I’m still impressed with the way New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro v3 deals with all different surfaces.

  • Wide base helps to stay the shoes always stable on most of the paths
  • Quick turnover and aggressive upturn on the shoe’s toe
  • Sock-line upper helps to stay the dirt out
  • Vibram outsole is in a position to grab everything
  • Many cushion for long trail runs


  • Wide base also means narrow trails, thus, it’s going to be difficult to navigate.
  • The shoe’s upper doesn’t include many structure

3 Premium cushioned trainer: New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v8

In this year, New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 v8 just features some minor changes to the shoes, which promises to offer runners a softer and smoother ride. the main difference between this one and its previous version may be a switch from the convex into concave geometric patterning on the midsole’s outside.

The flex grooves in its forefoot help to feature and remain the pliability to supply a smooth ride. Personally, i actually appreciated the shoe’ traction since it can perform well on various conditions and terrain.

  • The hexagonal outsole can grip well
  • Wider footprint offers a supportive and stable ride
  • Its tailored fitting upper is extremely comfortable


  • Value vs. Price isn’t in line.
  • Updates to its midsole haven’t improved its dull or unresponsive ride

4. Perfect racer: New Balance 1500v4 shoes

With speed may be a majority, New Balance 1500v4 shoe is meant to become an ideal companion for you in race day. because of the Boa Fit System and a full bootie construction, this shoe features quick entry. Moreover, it also comes with an adjustable fit, which is superb for transitions within the triathlon or whenever you only simply got to feel fast.

New Balance 1500v4 shoe may be a racing shoe and this suggests that it’s aiming at such a distinct segment marketplace, however, it’s certainly among top flagships of latest Balance. Some competition consists of Adidas Adizero Tempo shoes, ASICS DS Racer and Saucony’s Fastswitch

  • Great support for the overpronation
  • Its sole features tread pattern
  • Its upper comes with booty construction
  • Responsive and lightweight ride


  • These shoes are hard to wear a day

5. lightweight neutral trainer: New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v4

This model may be a typical lightweight and neutral trainer, which may be a harmonious combination of a quick , snappy and responsive feeling and a soft and smooth cushioned ride. New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v4 comes with a more breathable, newer upper, and a cushty bootie construction. It’s such a versatile shoe, which may be widely used for racing 5ks or maybe marathon distances. This product are going to be an excellent companion for efficient runners.

New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v4 is a superb example of the rule “Keep it simple”. It’s enough of everything you would like and no more. You don’t check out this model and see something quite just a plain-looking sneaker atop one layer of froth sole.

  • Durability
  • Snappy and cushioned
  • Much softer than its previous version
  • Lightweight and even much lighter than the previous version


  • A jack of all trades.
  • Quite tight within the mid-foot area

Hope that the above-mentioned recommendations are going to be helpful for you once you don’t skills to settle on the right pair of latest Balance trainers for yourselves. Remember that choosing the acceptable trainers takes some time , money. Furthermore, it’s also vital to pick your shoes which is useful for your personal use and wishes . another time, we truly hope this guide will offer you all the required information you need; in order that you’ll be ready to make a right decision.

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