New Balance Trailbuster Reviewed in 2020

When picking out a replacement pair of hiking shoes, it’s important to define what quality means to you.

Since there are numerous different shoe manufacturers, it are often overwhelming once you consider the vast sort of shoes that exist. this is often the reasoning behind why companies seek to differentiate themselves, offering new sole innovations, strong durability, better materials, and even modern or contemporary designs.

In the hiking industry , it are often challenging to seek out a manufacturer that balances both the innovation needed for a pleasant experience and therefore the aesthetic appeal.

One company that has done an excellent job at standing out is New Balance with the discharge of the Trailbuster Re-Engineered shoe. Today, we are getting to share our insights regarding this product and whether it’s worth consideration, or not. Look out for a few tips and tricks along the way!

Most Notable Features

  • Speckled outsole and midsole.
  • Multiple color variations so consumers can use these shoes anywhere.
  • Breathable mesh upper to maximise breathability.
  • FantomFit Upper for a far better fit.
  • EVA foam of the midsole is shock absorbent.
  • Impressive durability innovations.

New Balance Trailbuster 2.0

Before we will share our insights regarding this hiking shoe, it’s important to say that this specific sort of shoe is an improved model of a previous addition. The New Balance Trailbuster Re-Engineered may be a fairly new shoe that was updated in 2016 to enhance on the faults of its predecessor. This shoe provides consumers with all of the advantages of the first shoe, and more.

Sole Technology

The key indicator of the standard of a shoe boils right down to the standard of the only technology embedded within the shoe. this is often one area where this shoe steps before the competition. The New Balance Trailbuster hiking shoes are infused with comfort-focused and performance-driven materials, which many consumers have noted makes a whole difference.


The outsole of the Trailbuster shoes is formed from heavy-duty durable rubber in an attempt to handle rough terrains. This is sensible once you consider the sort of environment these shoes are built for. However, New Balance enhanced the outsole with speckled features and a waffle pattern.


Much of the performance and comfortability boost that this shoe provides are often attributed to the midsole.

The a part of the shoe is formed from speckled EVA foam, which helps with both comfortability and appeal. Additionally, the fabric utilized in the midsole is additionally shock-absorbent, which is vital once you consider the sort of environments these shoes are built for.

The one area that a lot of consumers are talking about with the New Balance Trailbuster Re-engineered hiking shoes is that the upper. This aspect comes with the notable and highly regarded, FantomFit technology. This specific piece of innovation is so important that the manufacturer even embedded the words on the shoe itself.

FantomFit helps with precise fitting and comfortability in an attempt to extend support and control. Additionally, the upper is made from a high-quality breathable mesh to attenuate any moisture or odor build-up within the shoe.

Trailbuster Traction

Since these are hiking shoes, it’s important that companies incorporate the maximum amount technology and innovation into the traction of the shoes. If you think about rocks, sticks, holes, or other objects on the bottom , a typical should quickly wear and tear.

The New Balance brand amplified their efforts with this shoe injecting great materials and style into the outsole and exterior make of the shoe. These shoes have a robust durable rubber on rock bottom that’s designed to handle whatever nature holds. it’s recommended though, if conditions are wet, it’s going to not be fitted to the shoe.


While the first Trailbuster hiking shoes did include comfortability, the Re-Engineered version took comfort to new heights. These shoes are loaded with more comfort through a far better shock-resistant EVA foam, better padding on the tongue, and FantomFit technology.

The combination of all of this has created a shoe that hugs a consumer’s foot only enough to maximise comfort, control, and adaptability . one among the most important selling points of this hiking shoe is that the comfortability.


What is nice about hiking shoes is that a lot of of them are built to sustain wear and tear. The New Balance brand has always been known to spend quality attention on the sturdiness and life-expectancy of their shoes. this will evidently be seen by the pure design and build of the Trailbuster Re-engineered shoes.

The materials utilized in the outsole, alongside the waffle patterned design, significantly contribute to making a stronger and better shoe.


In the industry , there are a couple of features which will make a big difference to some consumers – and adaptability is one among them. Uniquely, many shoes are designed to either offer flexibility or stability and control. However, New Balance features a medium between both of those with the New Balance Trailbuster Re-Engineered hiking shoes.

With the materials and innovation within the upper, alongside the midsole, consumers are going to be ready to optimize stability, control, and comfortability with none major impacts on flexibility.

Thinking of hiking shoes and appeal don’t typically go hand-in-hand. However, the New Balance company took the market during a brand-new direction with the subtle design of the Trailbuster shoes.

This product maintains the standard New Balance style and logo; however, the merchandise shines in its color variations and speckled design on both the outsole and midsole have made this shoe not only a hiking shoe but a well-liked everyday shoe.

In this, consumers can pick from the subsequent colors:

  • White and gray
  • Dust
  • Forest Green
  • Red
  • Beige

Safety Measures

The New Balance Trailbuster hiking shoes aren’t built with any major or noticeable safety features. This category is to represent manufacturers that include reflective materials or other innovations to enhance or enhance the security of the consumers. the sole aspect of this shoe that would attribute to increased safety is that the FantomFit technology. thanks to the snug and tight fit, there’s less of an opportunity of tripping or a shoe slipping off.


New Balance has included new measures and innovation within the Trailbuster Re-Engineered hiking shoes to enhance the support. Originally, the Trailbuster hiking shoes only came with pig-suede leather and an EVA midsole. While the shoe performed well, once of its critiques was the support.

With the 2016 version, the Trailbuster Re-Engineered, these shoes accompany FantomFit technology, a more padded midsole, and a far better upper to offer consumers the support they have .

Sizing and Fit

As far as sizing cares , as of the time of scripting this article, New Balance isn’t offering this specific shoe for ladies . One word of caution when picking out the simplest size, these hiking shoes are built narrower than typical New Balance shoes. In light of this, you’ll got to select your sizing accordingly.

MEN: 7-13

In consideration of the fit of the shoe, New Balance utilized the quality lace-up closure for maximizing the simplest fit. Additionally, the included a padded collar and tongue, and a handy pool loop on the rear of the shoe to assist putting on and beginning the shoe.
Nike Trailbuster Pros and Cons

Who is that the shoe best for?

If you’re wondering whether this shoe is best for you, likelihood is that , it is, unless you’re seeking a woman’s shoe. the rationale behind this is often that the New Balance Trailbuster Re-engineered hiking shoes were constructed in mind for a person seeking high-quality hiking shoes that possess an aesthetic flair that typical hiking shoes don’t .

With that being said, it’s important to think about that, if you are doing have wider feet, these shoes might not convince be beneficial.

However, New Balance does carry numerous different products to accommodate for people with wider feet. the simplest part about these shoes is that buyers can wear them anywhere, making them an excellent addition to city-walking, shopping, or trail walking.

Is the New Balance Trailbuster worth it?

At the top of the day, the one question that each one shoe-lovers ask is, is it worth it? in fact , this is often a visually appealing and cozy hiking shoe that anyone could love.

This product is made from great materials, features quality innovations, and is flexible . thereupon being said, the New Balance Trailbuster Re-Engineered shoes are most certainly worthwhile and price your consideration.

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